Wednesday, October 14, 2020

You've come a long way, baby

Remember this ad campaign from the 1970s? They had no idea.

Heather Robertson, Salt of the Earth, James Lorimer Pub., 1974

Doukhobor women plowing in Saskatchewan.

"We are now plowing with 24 women to a plow. The women tried the spades digging, but plowing was easier and quicker. They are plowing for the gardens. It is too late to sow grain this year. We have our faith in God. These trials will soon be over. But the worst is, not enough stock. Without animals nothing can be done. We are starting a new village over there. And so we must let those people for the new village have the horses to haul logs to build themselves human and animal shelter before winter comes again. And that means no rest for the animals- poor things. And to give them some rest, we humans hitch ourselves to the plows. All our men are busy; many are away to the towns and cities getting work on railway construction, to earn money for the community fund." 

More on the Doukhobors here. New Canadian Encyclopedia


Dave said...

The plowman had a good view. Lol his poor wife probably wasn't thrilled when he came home from a day in the fields.

James rats said...

Man. Those ads were nauseating then, and they haven't aged well. :Urp.:

Graysailor said...

Looks like what the US will be doing circa 2030 after 10 years of democrat control. All hail socialism. Sure that isn't a photo of Russia?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Man, keep the politics out of this. This isn't a political site..