Friday, November 19, 2021

321,868.8 kilometers

That's 200,000 miles, a milestone if you count in the old units... Build date of Nov 81 means the Katana now 40 years old.

When I wuz a kid in the early seventies, an "old grizzled guy" in a grimy Barbour jacket pulled up on a Vincent to where we were hanging out, super cool and a complete anachronism at the same time. That was an impossibly old bike then- at probably nearly 20 years of age.

Fifty years on, still wearing an old black leather jacket, I is that guy! 


VectorWarbirds said...

Gee Mr. G that's a lot of sitting;) How did the engine hold up overall? Any mechanical failures of note?

rats said...

Yeah, I hadn't imagined you as the sedentary type.