Friday, November 12, 2021

Despatch Riders


DRs on Norton 16Hs, doing convoy duty on more 16Hs. Actually this is a training run in England before the riders were sent out on actual service. Note the detail differences among the machines and the riders attire.


Mac said...

One of the most dangerous, non-combat, jobs in the war.Only dare devils needed to apply. Racing at night through English country lanes with no lights (except a week glimmer of a headlight)lead to many deaths when the drivers went off the road through hedges or hit wandering cows, oncoming vehicles etc., Added to this was the Canadian and American reflex to veer right when encountering something.

Mister G said...

Yeah, a perfect target. They could be heard coming of course, in time to set up as a shooting gallery-and who knew what prize info they were carrying in their bag?