Monday, November 22, 2021

We used to make things in this country. #331 Allen's Canadian Toy builder


This is a wooden stick and spool type building system made in the town of Fenelon Falls, Ontario near Peterborough, who sold through departments store like Sears and Eatons, and later licensed the Tinker Toy name. Located in lumber country, the company started as Mickle and Dyment's sawmill, then in 1928 became the Standard Handle and Pattern Company, which manufactured patterns for industrial use, as well as tool handles. 

During WW2, rifle stocks were manufactured. Despite a serious fire in 1942, the mill was was rebuilt and took on a new name, Allen Wood products. After the war, the main product became wooden toys, croquet sets, bowling and pull toys as well the main product, Tinker toys. During the late sixties competition from overseas took its toll and the company closed in 1972.

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