Monday, November 1, 2021

Motoconfort T7

 The shaft drive 750cc inline four T7 (B7 as a Motobecane model) was introduced at the 1930 Paris Salon, right in the depth of the Depression. The entire engine and side mounted transmission are finned, giving a very cohesive look.  Only 6 were built. Better picture from Sheldon's EMU below.  More here.

Motobecane club


rats said...

My my that's an impressive (and, as you observe, visually cohesive) bruiser! I wonder if the Sunbeam S7/S8's designers were covertly peeking at the Confort as they drew up their beautiful engine.

Its layout, to some degree, but mostly the close-pitch fins all over it, always make me think of a classic model-airplane dope motor.

Mister G said...

I thought of the Sunbeam S7 right away. The engine completely fills the frame, and the sidemounted transmission is brilliant.