Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vanished Tool Makes: J. Bungersohn

I turned up this old very old screwdriver in my travels.  According to the Carpenter's Companion (Garry Chinn & John Salisbury, Toronto:  Strathearn Books, 2005) this style, having a flat, waisted blade and an oval handle flattened on two sides, is referred to as a "London" screwdriver.

Looks like "J. Bungersohn" of  "Darmen" or "Barmen"? I can't find any information on the web about this toolmaker.
Update from Graham, 2018; J Bungersohn was a German toolmaker, who set up his business in Barmen (now part of the modern city of Wuppertal). The company is now known as Barmer Export GmbH (BEG). As well as screwdrivers, Bungersohn made other small hand-held tools such as corkscrews, as well as machetes. 

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