Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We used to make things in this country. #72: Allan Hills Edge Tool Co., Galt Ontario

A year or so ago I paid a buck for a box of rusty junk which included a 1" X 6" socket wood chisel   It needed cleaning up, sharpening and a new wooden handle, but I've never seen such a finely tapered wood chisel.  When polished,  the words "Hills Galt" were revealed on the blade.

Above, Allan Hills chisel (bottom) illustrating how finely tapered the blade is compared to a "Samson" 7/8" socket chisel (top), made by the Union Hardware Co. of Torrington, Connecticut.
According to the entry on Yesteryears Tools, The Allan Hills Edge Tool Company began in 1909 in Galt, Ontario.  After the founder died in 1916, the factory morphed into the Galt Hat Company, giving an entirely different crowd of people a way to get an edge.

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