Saturday, December 21, 2019

Cell phones for everyone, 1989

Cell phone service for a dollar a day? Far too expensive for the average person 30 years ago.
That's approximately half what I pay today, and when you consider that the average income hasn't changed much since the 80s, how do we as the consumer afford them? It's not like the cost of living has stayed stagnant.


Graham Clayton said...

Reminds me of an early 1980's CB rig.

Don in Oregon said...

And $600 or $800 for the phone was a lot of dough 30 years ago, too.

userbronco said...

In 1989 I was a trucker, we got paid $150 a day for signing up to be on call on weekends, but the dispatcher would call three times per day, both days, and if you didnt answer the pone, you didnt get the $150.
I bought a bag phone and carried that thing everywhere.
plus it was handy to make quick calls if you got lost, before GPS.

Mister G said...

Documenting the beginning of the "electronic leash"!