Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A view of the Fowler steam tractor works

 I guess the workers were all shooed away for this 1912 photo of the erecting shed..


VectorWarbirds said...

Geeze....John Fowler, worked too hard, told to take a rest, retired to hunt, fell and broke his arm and died of tetanus, and at only 38 years old. Maybe keep working eh?

Mister G said...

Quite a life- huge accomplishments, but much too short. And then this... from Wikipedia..
A monument to John Fowler's invention of the steam plough was placed on his father-in-law's Pierremont estate in 1856, but was moved in 1870 to South Park, Darlington. The plinth may still be seen there, but the plough that it supported disappeared in 1970.