Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hispano Suiza H6 with bodies

The Hispano Suiza H6 was built from 1919 till 1933, about 2300 were built. The normal process was to buy the chassis from the company and have it shipped to your favorite body builder to have a body tailored to your desires. As you might expect, this was pretty much restricted to the extremely rich motorist.

The engine was an aluminum OHC straight 6 of 6.6 litres, later enlarged to 8 litres. Braking was accomplished with 4 alloy drums.


Town car by Kellner of Paris

Body by Barker

Open car with folding rear windshield by Million Guiet of Paris

With wooden spoke wheels

And the winner (to me) is this lightweight rivetted tulipwood (or mahogany) strip over aluminum frame.


VectorWarbirds said...

I worked on a 1927 Hispano Suiza once, had sterling silver window and door handles and beautiful engine turned motor details. Ran like a watch.

Joe said...

Continuing in The Era Of Fender Exploration I thought the fenders were formed of aluminum to match the belly pan until I blew the photo up to full-screen and could make out rows of rivets on the fenders also.
I can't imagine the man-hours invested in cutting, steam bending, drilling, riveting, scraping, sanding, and varnishing this body only to end up as kindling when it rattled itself to bits, but apparently this was a proven method of airplane production at the time and the mahogany car survives to this day along with an actual tulipwood replica and at least a couple of miniatures.


Mister G said...

Thanks for the link!

Mister G said...

...Stained the tulipwood (rosewood) brown. Vandalism.