Saturday, October 9, 2021

We used to make things in this country #329 York Gears

 Nice trendy graphics in this 1957 ad for what appears to have been a substantial Toronto factory "specializing in the production of complicated assemblies". The company seems to have completely vanished, on the site these days is a Home Depot, and I can't find anything online at all.

 Graphic designers might wonder how they might have treated the airplane image differently, it doesn't quite line up with the arm of the Y and why does the wingtip contact the corner of the large rectangle?

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rats said...

Pursuant to your paragraph 2: Before I was even lucky enough to read it, I beheld the advertisement and thought Yikes, that plane appears to be spinning, plummeting, nosediving out of control ... This is not to diminish the importance of the issues you raise, only to add another one of (at least) equal urgency.