Monday, January 24, 2022

Annual dinner

 Gorgeous poster, hope the food lived up to the poster quality!


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite able to work out the Greek words at the top edges. I've got most of the letters, but the words aren't apparent.


Anonymous said...

And seconds after hitting 'post', I realized the left hand word is 'gnosis', and the right hand word is 'praxis'.

Also interesting that there was no need to provide an address for the Connaught Rooms.


Lex said...

I was print designer for 5 years at the end of the 1970's for MEP, IMechE's imprint. One year they threw a staff Christmas dinner at their Birdcage Walk HQ, (no address required). Very grand affair it was too. Then, in 1979 their Thatcherite led policy was to shut a small, happy, thriving and successful unit down, making us all redundant. The work was farmed out for efficiency. The resulting quality and standards went to the wall and the costs doubled. A very British Institution.

Graham Clayton said...

Do mechanical engineers hate the letter "U"?