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Spine-framed Monard

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The Monard was a special built by Geoff Monty and Allen Dudley-Ward, first raced in 1964, the name combining elements of each last name.  Monty felt the British racing singles had reached the end of their development so the heart of this racer was a 500 twin, really a destroked and modified 650 Triumph, allowing a 9000 rpm redline.
   The frame was Monty's own design, based on his mid-fifties 250 cc GMS Special. The drawing above (squint at the drawing a bit) shows a large diameter main tube that curves down from the headstock to the swingarm pivot and rear engine mount similar to the Aermacchi horizontal 250 and 350 singles. This design keeps popping up, Guzzi in the early nineties and later Triumph. 
  Bill Ivy raced the bike in 1964 but moved on the next year. There were plans for mass production but Monty found that people weren't prepared to pay for a complete racer from a small company. The project was discontinued in 1966.
GMS Special

GMS Special

And again.

Aermacchi 350, (Harley Sprint)

Dr John's Guzzi

1993 Triumph Tiger


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