Monday, January 10, 2022

Stanger patent, 1911

It appears David Stanger of Stanger V twin fame had an active mind and applied himself to many facets of vehicle design, this post covers one that seems a bit too "me too".

 Mr. H F S Morgan came up with the Morgan three wheeler in 1908, F.W. Watson patented his folding sidecar in 1910, so what if we came up with a folding three wheeler? 

To me, the most important and missing drawing is the top view folded...

Patent here.

thanks, Rolf!


Joe said...

Kind of a neat idea, especially the rotating seat, but I want to know how the steering wheel is connected to the tie rods (which don't appear to rotate around the same axis as the axles when folding). All in all an intriguing answer looking for it's question.

Mister G said...

Yes, I think he conveniently left out the top view of it folded.