Wednesday, January 19, 2022

BSA Starlite

The BSA Starlite was a rebadged BSA Beagle for the American market, introduced in 1964 to replace the aging Bantam. It was "powered" by a 75cc OHV engine feeding through a 4 speed transmission.  It did not impress potential BSA customers and was completely eclipsed by the lightweights coming from Japan. After two years it was gone.

One from the west coast. Thanks, Bevin!


VectorWarbirds said...

These things were absolute dogs, with a whopping 5 hp hauling around about 300 lbs with rider it no wonder it died a quick death competing with two strokes. Their cute but it ends there.

Graham Clayton said...

Apparently just 600 Beagles were rebadged as Starlites and sent to the US, so the pictured example is pretty rare.