Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Volkswagen manual

Here's more automotive artwork in the style of the German Ford post of last month. This partial booklet was sent to me recently and I still don't have any info on the artist. This manual has transparent pages, so as you turn a page, another layer of the car is peeled away. The passengers in the car are just as weirdly positioned though. 

Thanks, Rolf!




that's very extra great.

rats said...

God those overlay books were swell. Imagine they go for a fortune nowadays.

JP said...

By dint of blindly inserting a few "Google Translate" German words in the search,
the name Thomas Abeking (1909-1986, graphist, illustrator, architect) comes up as
the artist associated with Transart brochures.

Graham Clayton said...

An automotive striptease!