Friday, January 14, 2022

Motom- with fashion model

Someone sent me this pamphlet for a 48cc Motom moped, an interesting postwar design, unfortunately, not quite clear enough to attempt to translate the Italian text, but that's what the internet is for.   Fortuitously, a few days later I found the picture below of a very happy girl with her Motom 48. 
More here.

Sheldon's EMU


Joe said...

OK I have to ask: what is "a capacity for collar work" that distinguishes the 48cc Motom? It doesn't seem that it would be particularly useful in the apprehension of criminals. Perhaps the manufacturer (or at least the ad copy writer) thought it a suitable transport for members of religious orders?
Beautiful lines to the framework in any case.

Mister G said...

The rest of the text is understandable, I think it's best it we just stand around and nod sagely, while revelling in a number of interesting features.

rats said...

Anonymous said...

rats, thanks for the link. I thought the reference may have been something like that, but couldn't make the idea work.