Thursday, January 27, 2022

Back and Decker U1021 right angle drive, complete with drill

This is something nice in a cast aluminum way, probably more decorative than useful at this point in time.  I found it at the Gore St. Antique market in Perth Ont. and might have bought the right angle drive but it came attached to an old 1/4" drill which I don't need. The drill looks like a PET (Portable Electric Tools) Zephyr drill but has the name BVT on the side, the logo incorporating the word Service, So maybe BT?  PET made tools for several companies over the years.

Anyways, once again no information that I can find online...



Dave said...

Those things will literally snap your wrist if you're not careful.

Dewalt sells a new, compact version that really got me out of a jam when I was building a deck by the seat of my pants (no plans) and I ended up with a stair stringer with no way to get a driver pointed at to put in the final few screws (don't ask and I hid it with trim).

Mister G said...

Ye, the old 1/4" drill with limited power is probably safer, especially when using a spade bit.