Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stamped Ignition wrench

My fathers idea of the mechanics toolchest was a couple of screwdrivers, pliers and a "Crescent wrench". That was fine till we moved to a farm and I was trying to maintain and repair the farm machinery. For my 15th or 16th birthday I received a nice complete but cheap mechanics tool set made by a company named SWT. For the most part, the tools did what they were supposed to except for the crudely stamped steel ignition wrench set. I don't think it was actually possible to use these on any ignition setup, they're just too bulky.
 One of them magically reappeared recently and I took a minute to consider it. It still looks crude. The nut recesses are off center and burred. I measured the 1/4" end at 0.255" and the 15/64 ( 0.234 or 6mm) at 0.238" so they're made accurately enough. But although it's genuine "made in the USA" it's not going back into the toolbox.

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