Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We used to make things in this country. #91: Eldon Industries of Canada Ltd., Don Mills Ontario

Those of us of a certain age remember Ungar wood burning kits.   Very little information is available about this company, other than it is now merged with Weller and both are are brand names of the mighty Cooper Tools (now the Apex Tools Group) which bought Weller in 1970.  At the time this instruction booklet was printed, Ungar was part of Eldon Industries, whose parent company made toys (using the slogan, "Just for the fun of it!") out of Hawthorne California (which was also home to Mattel).  Eldon Industries was acquired by Rubbermaid (now Newell Rubbermaid) in 1990.

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Unknown said...

i found a Eldon Design-A-Matic Wood burning set. it unfortunetly is missing some of the burning tips. But otherwise complete.

If any one knows where i might finds tips or an alternative tool please email me