Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WGB wrenches, Germany

I've only managed to find two of these wrenches in my neck of the woods.  I haven't yet had the opportunity to use the huge 30 mm one, but maybe one day....

In 1909 in the town of Breckerfeld in the southern Ruhr area of Germany, the Westphalian Duct and Screw factory was founded. One year later it was officially registered as the Westfälische Stollen und Schraubenfabrik Breckerfeld, or WSB.  It manufactured hardware. In the 1930's it became the Westfälische Gesenkschmiede Breckerfeld (Westphalian drop forge Breckerfeld) (WGB) and began to manufacture wrenches.  WGB is still doing so today.

Coincidentally, Breckerfeld is perhaps better known as the childhood city of German pop-star Nena, most famous for her 1983 hit, "99 Luftballons."  I loved that song!

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Grey Starr said...

Yes... that song was good!