Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wilson & Cousins Limited, Toronto, Ontario

I got this old tool for a buck at a yard sale recently.  I'd never heard of the company, and had no idea what the tool was for.  Turns out it's a fire hose and hydrant wrench.  I thought it might be cool if it fit the header nuts on my Norton, but no such luck.

Wilson & Cousins is the oldest manufacturer of fire fighting equipment in North America, dating back to 1881 when Thomas Wilson and Edward Cousins founded the business in Toronto.  The company is still around, now as a division of Palamar Industries.  The hydrant wrench is still offered, although now made of aluminum and lacking the forged-in name.

Below, from 1963:

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Anonymous said...

I just found one of these today. "WILSON & COUSINS CO." on one side, "2 1/2 F22 <>" on the reverse.