Thursday, January 13, 2022

End of an era, RM125

 Not the most attractive of the RM125s, this was the last year for the aircooled engine and the last year before the addition of the Full Floater suspension. Suzuki had won every 125 Motocross World Championship up till that point (4 of them), the 125 class had only started in 1975. Suzuki continued its winning streak for another 5 years, losing to Cagiva in 1985.

 Which year was the best looking? My vote goes to the RM125A.

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I like the 1975 RM125 the best. then the 1979 RM125 because of the square edge fenders (that most people hated). then the 76, 77 and 78 would be the next three. the 80's blue frame and blue motors and blue air box looked cool too. then bikes started going downhill from there, just like everything else.