Thursday, April 27, 2017

Record Auto Vice No. 74

 A reader from the UK sends these instructions for a 4 inch Record Auto Vice that he had obtained. His accompanying note reads;

 "A few years ago I found a dusty old box in the back of my father's shed. When I blew the dust off I realised that it was the original packaging for a vice, only then to discover that the unused vice was still inside in near mint condition. These instructions were also in the box.
 I have since cleaned the vice up and have it mounted on my work bench and use it regularly. Of course, I have kept the box and instruction sheet."

Nice find! and thanks for the contribution.
We wondered what relevance the Orb Chain Link logo had to the vice. Googling the name brought no information but we discovered that the sticker had been applied to cover another dealer's stamp, Woodberry, Chilcott &Co.
 Turns out they are still in operation as a metal supplier in Bristol.

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