Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vanished tool makers: Heart Brand Tools (Wynn, Timmins & Co. Ltd., Birmingham, England)


Above, from Grace's Guide.  I stumbled across this firm while looking for something else entirely.  I've never encountered any actual tools made by this manufacturer, so it's another thing to look for.

On the top ad, around their trademark, it reads "Established prior to 1702."  The original company, W. & C. Wynn & Co., had made small steel items including shoe and knee buckles, fire-steels, key rings, netting vices, steel snuffboxes, steel pencil cases, tweezers, bodkins, and so on.  They then moved on to the production of light tools. They celebrated their centenary in 1887, naming their relatively new premises "Century Works."  The same year, they took over R. Timmins & Sons.  According to Grace's Guide, they were acquired in 1969 by Balfour and Darwins, and the Birmingham factory was shuttered.  Arthur Balfour had merged with the Darwins Group in 1961.  That combined company was metal making firm, so it's hard to say what they intended to do with an old tool-making firm like Wynn, Timmins & Co.  Apparently nothing.

Sell's National Directory of Large Commercial Houses and Buyers' Guide.  London:  Business Dictionaries Ltd., 1920.

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ClockworK said...

I bought a small hatchet from a boot sale recently , cost 50p. After cleaning the head I have found the inscription " R.Timmins & Son ".