Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flight. Toronto to Hong Kong

Bad graphic representation of a 15.5 hr 8000 mile Air Canada flight from Toronto to Hong Kong from the touch screen display at my seat.
We flew north, over Quebec, turned east across the northeast corner of Greenland, turned south over the frozen Kara Sea and the only landmark we flew over was Lake Baikal.  Down across Mongolia and on to HK. Who ever dreamed we could be anywhere near that part of the world- ever! Even if we're 6 miles above it, moving at over 600 mph. It was white, frozen and featureless for 8 or 9 hours flying time till south of Lake Baikal.
 Modern airplanes. Think of the confidence you'd have to have in their reliabity to be able to do that route routinely (and on schedule) with 350 passengers- warm and oblivious with 3 meals each, with extra pillows and blankets available and multiple movies and TV on individual touch screens....

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