Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She used to build things in this country

Ok, "Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl" is all over the net and she even has a Facebook page. I'm just reblogging the same pictures. But why not.
 Veronica Foster worked on the production line at John Inglis Co. making Bren Guns during WW2 . She was featured in a propaganda campaign and it's easy to see why, she has an appeal that reaches out across a half a century.

It would be easy to say she was the Canadian version of Rosie the Rivetter but the photos were taken in 1941, before the US had entered the war.

Two unnamed workers with part of the Bren Gun production.

The Inglis plant at 9 Hanna St.- now demolished, the site occupied by a big new police station, part of the massive Liberty Village condo developments of the Inglis site.

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