Sunday, May 13, 2012

We used to make things in this country. #81: Gilbert & Barker Mfg Co. Ltd., Toronto Ontario

I did a previous post on the American Gilbarco company.  Then I noticed a Gilbarco gas pump for sale at the Stirling flea market.  The seller told me that this was a small one built for farm use.  Note the manufacturer's badge.

As an aside, White Rose gasoline was a trademark of the Cleveland-based National Refining Company, which operated between 1892 and 1950.  Many years ago, a carpenter friend of mine was working on an old house in Perth, Ontario and found a White Rose road map inside of a plastered wall.  It was published before the U.S. Interstate system was developed, and he decided it would be fun to use it to navigate his Norton down to a rally.  He said it was hilarious when locals, seeing him pondering the map at the side of the road on his bike, would stop to offer directions, look at the map, and then invariably exclaim, "Where the hell did you get this map?!"

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