Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ford 9N V8 conversion

When Ford was building their 27 hp "little grey Ford" tractors with 120 cu. in. flathead fours, there were some people that thought more power was needed. An obvious solution was a bigger engine and so a number of conversions were made using inline sixes and the 221- 255 cu in flathead V8 engines producing 85-100 hp. These larger motor conversions like the Funk kits required raising, widening or otherwise modifying the standard sheet metal hoods- to my mind spoiling the tractor's lines, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this homemade 9N conversion at a tractor meet in Ontario that retained the original hood and perfect proportions of the original tractor.
   After I did my homework I realised there's a trick, this is the small 60 hp 136 cu in V8 (only slightly more displacement than the original 4!). This V8 made more horsepower but similar torque, 94 lb ft at 2500 rpm instead of the four's 92 lb ft at a more useful 1500 rpm. But it looks like it belongs!

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