Thursday, April 18, 2013

Skeleton keys

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Anonymous said...

Years ago I was lucky enough to own a home built in the early '30's. It was full of hardwood and beveled glass and it not only had "character," it had backbone. It felt good to be in that house because it felt solid. It had a big oak front door with long rectangular panes of glass at the top so a person could peek out at who was at the door. The door locked by using a skeleton key. I carried it with me everywhere and then - I lost it. Or someone took it. I don't know, only that I haven't had it for over 30 years and I miss what it meant to me. To hold history and stability in my hand every time I entered my refuge. I now look for a key like the one I had so I can buy it and try to reconnect to what I felt as whole and safe, strong and dependable. Thank you for your site.