Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Electricity: Our Invisible Servant

Mr. Fix-It's Complete Book on How to Make Your Own Electrical Repairs.  By Six Leading Authorities.  NY:  Greystone Press, 1953.

Yesterday, for the first time since Mister G and I began this blog, I was unable to post.  My electrical servant proved unreliable, as my entire area suffered a blackout for almost the entire day. Fortunately, I still heat with wood, have plenty of candles and kerosene lanterns and mechanical clocks, so the experience was more of an enjoyable novelty for me.  Unfortunately, my computer thought otherwise.

Apparently, the cause of the outage was a malfunction in electrical control and protection equipment at a local transformer station.  (Not as exciting as the outage in Seattle last June, when a naked woman drove her car into a utility pole!)  It drives home how fragile is the link that we depend on for our modern conveniences.

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