Friday, October 9, 2015

Vanished Tool Makers: Orelux, Italy

Orelux as a tool maker has left very little impression on the web.  "Mod.-Dep." is the abbreviation in Italian for "modelo depositato", meaning that the design has been legally registered. 

I kept passing over this hacksaw frame at the local ReStore until I finally decided to buy it, since I'd never heard of the name before.  Also, it was cool!

As someone posted on the web:

Die Erfahrung lehrt, dass, wer auf irgendeinem Gebiet zu sammeln anfängt, eine Wandlung in seiner Seele anheben spürt. Er wird ein freudiger Mensch, den eine tiefere Teilnahme erfüllt, und ein offeneres Verständnis für die Dinge dieser Welt bewegt seine Seele.

(Experience teaches that anyone who begins to collect in any field can feel a change in his soul. He becomes a joyful man filled with a deeper empathy, and a more open understanding moves his soul.)

--Alfred Lichtwark (1852-1914)

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. 


eebee said...

I just used an Orelux handle for a ray gun:

Mister G said...


The Duke said...

Very cool! Take me to your leader!

Conductor_Chris said...

I just acquired an Orelux Hacksaw in a lot I won in a carpenter's estate auction. Good looking but I have so many hacksaw frames!

Mister G said...

We have to rescue and reuse the old frames, the current ones are junk!