Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ford Falcon

Humble little econobox of 50 years ago

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Anonymous said...

Loved that car!
I had a 1960 Canadian variant, the Ford Frontenac, as my first car. A friend of mine dubbed it "Canada's popular fun car" but he was always a sarcastic guy. I remember when my dad and I went to the used car dealer to buy it in `65, it was pretty good looking. A few years later, a friend of mine and I were out driving and a guy ran a stop sign and curled my front bumper. It scooped some of the metal from the car and, my goodness it was lead. At least not Bondo - I dunno - which would have been better?. Turns out there was probably a lot of lead body filler and new paint, which was why it looked so good when we bought it - it was a really good body job.
But these photos bring back nostalgic memories. No chick magnet stuff, obviously, for that I;d have to wait to borrow my mom's '69 Camaro.