Monday, October 19, 2015

Jowika knife

A while ago when out for a ride, I stopped at a yard sale.  The person running the sale was wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed, "I'm not Italian but my bikes are!" Naturally, we got into a great conversation.  I showed an interest in the knife, and he generously gave it to me.

Turns out, it's a German knife, made in Ireland!  Faith and begorrah!  

Turns out I had another one, much smaller:

Below, from the web:

"Jowika Stahwlarenfabrik Eugen Weber & Altenbach KG was the full name of this German mfr of low-end mass market cutlery. It began prior to 1928 under the name Kleinwefers; became Jowika some time prior to 1939. 
Jowika opened a branch factory in Listowel, Ireland, in 1960, which was acquired by Imperial Schrade in 1978. Closed about a year and a half before Schrade closed."

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