Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flattracker American

source unknown
Anyone recognise this engine or bike?

 Update. Here's what we've learned.
"The American was an effort lead by Bill Kennedy, somewhere in Ohio.  Kennedy had previously fielded a stream of great riders on very hot Triumphs. The American was to take the Triumph successes to a new level against H-D. It was a wonderful effort-basically fighting to keep something on the track against the steadily improving XR, although ultimately with little success. Got to like someone who would build his own motor.  I recall the bike being ridden by a number of hot guys for a year or two, including Jay Ridgeway, I think. There is more information out there-I don’t believe that I ever saw it on the track, but it was run in Ohio, and probably at some nationals."
 Thanks to Fred- and Mike! 

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