Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cadet Corner Clamp, Gunver Manufacturing Co., Manchester, Connecticut


I have several of these simple corner clamps in my shop, which come in handy when setting up picture frames and other projects with mitered corners.

Gunver Manufacturing was founded in 1945.  They manufactured a variety of interesting special purpose jointing tools, such as the Miter Dowelling jig advertised below:
The Family Handyman, May 1955

In 1999, Gunver was merged with Dynamic Metals to form Dynamic Gunver Technologies (DGT).  According to a press release:

A privately owned manufacturer of aerospace turbine engine components headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut, DGT is an industry leader in complex metal fabrication and welding and laser machining and laser welding technology for aerospace applications, principally for US military engines. 

In 2004, DGT was acquired by Smiths Group for $102 million.  I remember Smiths from the days when they made speedos and tachs for British cars and motorcycles.

Anyway, for Gunver it's a long way from the Cadet Corner Clamp and in keeping with their Latin motto: "always strive."

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