Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lima Locomotive Works

The Lima Locomotive Works started out as the Lima Machine works building farm equipment but changed their name in the 1880s when their main product became Ephraim Shays geared locomotives. In 1912, they started building conventional steam road locomotives and in the mid-twenties developed the Superpower concept, a series of modifications and refinements that improved steam engine efficiency considerably. 
 The ad above predates the superpower program.
Through the next twenty years, the company became a leader in locomotive design, building larger, faster and more efficient locomotives.
 In 1947 Lima merged with General Machinery Corporation and  built their last steam locomotive in 1949. The company then moved to produce diesel locomotives and merged with former competitor Baldwin in 1951. Both companies were leaders in steam locomotives but were unable to compete in the diesel market. Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton closed their doors in 1956.
In total, Lima Locomotive Works produced 7,752 locomotives; 4,787 conventional, direct connected steam locomotives; 2,761 Shay, geared locomotives and 174 diesel-electric locomotives.

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