Thursday, December 17, 2020

Suzuki Colleda Seltwin

The Seltwin was a new-for-1959 spine framed 125 cc two stroke twin with "modern styling".  It was sold till 1963. 

Ray Battersby, Team Suzuki, Parker House 1981

Roy Bacon Suzuki Two Strokes Motorbooks 1981


VectorWarbirds said...

What no translation:) Interesting has passenger pegs and grip handle with metal luggage rack. I like the look but somewhere along the line either the front fender got raised or lowered, better lowered to me.


I would pay one million dollars for that bike in perfect as new condition unrestored. I didn't notice the fender lowering that VectorWarbirds pointed out. I also prefer the lowed version. and the long seat version looks nicer to me. I imagine the seat and paint in kickball red. maybe white wall tires.

Mister G said...

i also am not a fan of the rigid mounted fat fenders with the awkward space underneath, that seems to have been a German styling thing in the fifties. But the styling overall is sleek and somewhat unique, they went away from that direction with the next generation, the super-stodgy T10... I've never seen one of these in real life.

Graham Clayton said...

"Colleda" in Japanese means something like "This is it!" or "This is the one!". The Japanese use that word when they find something special (the best) they have been looking for.

The Seltwin was the first Japanese motorcycle to feature an electric starter, and the first Suzuki model to feature the "S" logo.