Sunday, December 20, 2020

1903 Paris-Madrid Race

Antique Auto , July-August 1989

 This commemorative ceramic sculpture depicts the winners of the Paris-Madrid race of 1903, racing in clouds of dust. The race was run on public roads, the first leg was from Paris to Bordeaux and due to deaths, injuries and the large number of accidents, it was halted after the first day. After the timing was sorted, Fernand Gabriel and his Mors was declared the winner, runner up was Louis Renault in his own racer. The sculpture is very well detailed, showing things like radiator tubing and the faces are apparently recognizable. 

The sculpture was part of the Raymond E. Holland collection of Automotive Art which was apparently sold off sometime in the 90s. The scope of the collection was the subject of a 1990 book by the director of the museum, The Motorcar in Art.

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