Thursday, December 10, 2020

Flanders motorcycle

 Flanders entered motorcycle production in 1911. The man responsible for setting up Ford's Model T line, Walter Flanders, used the same assembly line principles to build his 500 cc motorcycles. Unfortunately the company was bought up by Studebaker who closed down the business in 1914. More here.



that's why everybody still hates Studibaker to this very day. because of the dirty ol Flanders incident of 1912. where the Flanders sons got in a big bloody gun fight with the Studebaker clan and the big fire.

Mister G said...

Yes, just try to find a Detroit motorcyclist that will admit to setting foot in South Bend! :-)
Amazing historical facts- made up while you wait!

Graham Clayton said...

The only missing part would appear to to be the leather toolbox which is mounted to the top of the fuel tank.