Friday, December 11, 2020

B&O slow express


Washington is about 230 miles from New York. Modern trains make the trip in about 3 and a half hours. Through the mid century B&O Railway ran a fast streamlined train between the cities, the "Royal Blue", which made the trip in 4 hrs. As the B & O had no station access in Manhattan, the train trip actually ended at Jersey City, where passengers transferred to company-owned buses which were ferried across the Hudson to several stops around the city. 

 But the railway also ran a popular "slow express" train which left Washington at night and arrived at New York early in the morning. Arrive refreshed! Imagine trying to sell that concept today.  

Here the long heavy doubleheaded train arrives at Jersey City.

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Graham Clayton said...

Prior to 1926, the Pennsylvania Railroad allowed the Blue Train to arrive at Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, when the agreement was terminated. The bus link from Jersey City into New York continued until the Blue Train made its last journey on the 26th of April 1958.