Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Miss Unsafe Brakes

Here's a well dressed model working a stand at the 1939 Chicago Auto Show. I have some questions. The machine she is demonstrating looks to be possibly a disc sander on a pivot, is she grinding those (asbestos) brake shoes?
  The discs all over the backdrop read Brakes Certified, which doesn't seem to make sense, was the company named Certified Brakes? Nothing definitive comes up on Google. 

Btw, we have no evidence this is David Aldana's mother.


VectorWarbirds said...

Yes its an on the vehicle brake shoe truing machine. I believe they are saying to have your brakes certified and the company name is in the lower right corner. We used to true shoes with an Ammco machine. Brake shoes were notorious for not making full contact with the drum either new or used. And I though that was Lady Gaga in a past life.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the info, that makes sense (except the Lady Gaga part:-) Maybe it's her mom.