Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Euclid dump truck #965 by Dinky Toys

One of the favorite toys of my childhood. Better condition than mine was too. 
 Toy restoration video here.


Graysailor said...

I actually watched Martin's restoration video. It's great. He restores it to brand new condition and is amazingly thorough. I love restoring things like tools, and am not sure, however about doing this with models and toys. DO they lose their value? I think it's generally accepted that a fully restored tool is worth more than one that isn't restored. Some old toys might lose that vintage look. I guess it's who you might want to market it to right? A collector probably wants one in great condition or with a quality restoration, but someone who wants it because it's 'a vintage object' probably wants the used patina? He has trouble getting a decal on and shows in detail how to fix that. He says "well - that stuck on there like shit on a blanket"! lol. But it WAS a tense moment!

rats said...

Has anybody got a clue what the toy vehicle in the background is? A fancy scooter, perraps?

Mister G said...

I took the picture and I can't remember!

Mister G said...

Good points about the value before and after restoration. Speaking for myself, I don't care if it is a bit beat up, I have a connection with the toy, and I know I sure didn't look after it as a kid! But we all know that kid that kept the toy in its box, only played lightly with it and now can retire on the sale of the thing 40-50 whatever years later. I would say a restoration as shown would not necessarily add value. But Martin is having fun, rescuing things of another era and that's what's important.
Me, when I see a real Euclid dump truck of that vintage, I make a mental note of its location in case I win a huge lottery. I want one!