Thursday, December 24, 2020

The Shepherd


ouldn't you know it, I'm searching for an image of an RAF Vampire to illustrate this post, the only one I can find in my book collection is one in Swiss markings!

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a Christmas Eve tradition, the reading of "The Shepherd" a story by Frederick Forsyth about a Vampire pilot flying home for Christmas. We missed the actual CBC presentation (6:30 pm) but here it is. Enjoy!


VectorWarbirds said...

Yes a very good reading.

rats said...

Thank you! I'll listen as soon as I feel intelligent.

Hailwood1965 said...

I have listened to this yearly for around 35 years now. It's the best radio drama involving a plane. Merry Christmas and thanks for your site.

Mister G said...

It's a great Christmas ghost story, even includes a vampire. :-)
Good story and he reads it so well. Yearly event for us too.

Anonymous said...

Mr. G introduced me to this wonderful piece of nostalgia. It has become a family tradition. We're waiting for Xmas for its annual sharing.