Friday, July 20, 2012

Cool World War II Cover Art: 633 Squadron

This piece of fiction was published in 1956.  In 1965, it was made into a movie starring Cliff Robertson (who owned and piloted a Spitfire), and was the first aviation film to be shot in Panavision and widescreen.   Don't watch the movie for the plot or the acting--watch it for the aerial sequences with the Mosquitoes.  According to the Wikipedia entry for 633 Squadron, they were able to find and use 8 Mosquitoes, a B25 Mitchell, and Bf 108 aircraft in place of Bf 109 fighters (which were unavailable).  For me, his latter substitution somewhat spoils the film's sense of authenticity.  The Wiki entry claims that the sequence in which the Mosquitoes fly down a steep fiord inspired George Lucas's "trench run" sequence in Star Wars.

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