Sunday, July 29, 2012

RIckman Metisse CR750

Poetry in motion.  From the September/October 2011 issue of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.  Photos and story by Graham Clayton.  His article provides a good history of the Rickman Brothers, Don and Derek, and the company they operated from 1962 to 1984/85, reporting that at its peak it employed 130 workers and built almost 4,000 kits per year.  The Rickman firm was highly progressive.  For instance, they worked with AP Lockheed to develop a hydraulic front disc brake, introducing it three years before the Honda CB750 came along.  They also developed, with Weslake, an 8-valve head for Triumphs, and sold 300 of these bikes to the British police.  The CR750 above was introduced in 1974.  Business declined as the Japanese improved their frame designs, so Rickman turned to garden furniture, hospital beds and kit cars before finally winding down.  If I can't own a Metisse, I'd at least like to have a Rickman garden chair!

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