Monday, July 30, 2012

We used to make things in this country #71: Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd., Toronto Ontario

From Bloor Dufferin in Pictures by Cynthia Patterson, Carol McDougal and George Levin. Published by the Toronto Public Library 1986
In 1914 the only aviation factory in the country, Canadian Aeroplanes Limited, opened a huge plant covering 6 acres at 1244 Dufferin St, south of Dupont Ave in Toronto. The factory operated 24 hours a day. Working twelve hour shifts (with a half hour off for lunch) its 2000 workers produced 2950 Curtiss TN4 aircraft in two years. The company also built Avro 504s and 30 Felixstowe F5L flying boats.

 The site is now the location of what might be the most awful mall in the free world. Progress.

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