Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take Off Your Hat to the Myers

National Geographic, February 1927
According to the Old Iron Nut:

"F. E. Myers, and Bros., was founded in 1870 by Francis and Philip Myers in Ashland, Ohio. They designed and built the first double acting pump which pumped water on both the up and down strokes. They also built hay tools and door hangers.  They are probably best known for their pumps, and many of the older pumps still survive. In later years the company was also building equipment for waste water removal and industrial pumping systems. The Myers family sold the business in 1960 to the McNeil Corporation of Akron, Ohio. In 1986 Pentair, Inc. of St. Paul, Minnesota purchased Myers where they are now part of this corporation's water products group."

Visit his site to view  copies of some of their old catalogues.  I especially liked "Talking Points about the Myers Honor-Bilt Line."  If only retailers today adhered to these principles.

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