Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bultaco Metralla Kit America

"The purpose of this kit is to enable a Metralla Mk2 owner to convert his motorcycle into a roadracer for competition in closed tracks and courses.
 The kit can be easily installed by the customer himself, and all that is required is a set of spanners, a medium cut file, a drilling machine, 3 drills, and a dose of enthusiasm".
 Possibly a bit optimistic, as the motor has to be completely disassembled to install the close ratio transmission.  The hot setup apparently was to use a model 68 Pursang motocrosser cylinder so maybe it made sense to simply install the whole model 68 engine which also featured a close ratio transmission. Still, someone with basic mechanical skills and tools could do the work at home and make his own road or cafe racer.

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