Monday, December 17, 2012

Houses by Wartime Housing Corp.

Typical prefab house designed by Wartime Housing Limited. It could be erected in eight hours, at a cost of approximately $2800.

1) Posts in: Main beams laid: floor panels laid ready for the walls and windows.
2) Door and window frames are hung complete. Wall panels are bolted securely.
3) Exterior shell begins to take shape. plumbing and wiring are now installed.
4) Roof panels built on site are added. House begins to look finished.
5)  As final panel is bolted into place, painters prepare the house for occupancy.
6) Painted, grading and landscaping completed, pride of residence makes house a home.

A lot of these houses are still standing and doing well- though the price has gone up considerably. Reports of finding stenciled addresses etc. on the plywood panels are true, some of these houses were indeed made of recycled shipping crates.

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